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emy of Medicine, etc. 8 vo. cloth, pp. 220; lUuatrated with several

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of appetite, lassitude, expectoration of blood, etc. When a

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of the college, and as well bred as any of the court."

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the true state of the case ; that the Religio Medici has been

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directions to him where to find us, wee thought our duty ful-

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rs Tagap/gSj/xa 81' e"ka,%JGrr t g fiauXrig xguriorog yvufjbuv, xai ruv fisXkovruv

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boardes founde the body of a dead man with his leg in a

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starch. It comes out of a stone or earth in Germanie, and

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such frequency. When it does occur, the patients are de-

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sides bookes painted of all sorts of annimalls, there are twelue .

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ent reports from two of the largest American cities are

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hunting country. The house is uery finely carued without

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twleve that are owned by retail druggists on a co-operative

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containes most of them. I went up monte Vesuvio, and a

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this excursion, intending soon to returne to my house. My

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The duration of the disease is about two weeks, but may

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ment is essentially prophylactic. It is said to be more

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coming out with a good fleet. I confess as yet I vnderstand

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and discouraged by reason of the bad way, wee tooke over to

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amplitude of the inspiratory wave with a definite measure

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suiFer some degree of permanent crippling. But even in

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gone far in the estimation of many, who in other respects have

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The remedy which proved most effective as an antidote, in

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small cakes, Ave in a carton. For other forms see our catalogue.

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thought the best way for the dissection of the brayne of

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Ten years ago Meltzer and Auer introduced magnesium

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