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The third phase of polling is scheduled for 28 October.
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Several smallparties are also running, spanning the political spectrum fromultra-right to liberal and extreme left.
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At least 52 Palestinians, half of whom Israel says were assailants, have been shot dead by Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza since October 1
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PO is second with just over 20 percent
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This marks the largest study to examine the statistical link between BMI and the risk of dementia
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You have to know there has never been a more dominant NLCS than the one the Mets played against the Cubs, when they never trailed for a New York minute
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"I mean, they are — they are gloomy
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To begin, we'd recommend purchasing the Loot Assassination and Scavenger skills, as you're going to want to maximise your resources income as early as possible
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"We are shocked and heartbroken by this horrible tragedy
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We are trying to make sure people get a fair shake.”
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But prepare to open your wallet
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Crews dredged the filthy sediment and cleared the shoreline of refuse, then used sand excavated for the retention facility to form the hills
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Two baby orangutans play with each other at the wildlife department in Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia, October 19, 2015
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Fair to say that England have a bit to do with the bat, later
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A public announcement is expected shortly
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In return,banks have received $8.5 billion in special bonds which they canpledge with the central bank to obtain liquidity.
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Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) told The Hill on Thursday.
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But I have no illusions about how difficult it will be
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Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with U.S
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Punter Ryan Quigley had been added to the team's injury list as questionable with an injured right shin, and New York needed someone for the game Sunday against the New England Patriots.
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Bowles is building a foundation that looks and sounds an awful lot like The Patriot Way (without the paranoia)
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“They said something about where my stick was, but I don’t know
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The crisis in the remnants of the Scottish steel industry is partly blamed on cheap Chinese steel.
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Marie-Noelle Langan specializes in treating electrical malfunctions of the heart
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“Our students come to Central with their unique goals, hopes and dreams, and Nikita was undoubtedly no different,” Betz wrote in a statement
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It would be easy to focus on all of the negative things about Facebook, but there are a lot of good reasons we all keep signing on
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Nick Grimshaw ought to look a bit more excited about his spot on the X Factor judging panel - he might just win thing
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“I support neither Ukraine, nor Russia in this conflict
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Her third husband was aviator Charles Blair, whom she married in 1968
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Oil-service companies are starting a third round of job cuts as hopes fade for an oil price rebound this year
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Brady is playing as well as ever, but Manning seems to be coming down the home stretch of his career
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Certainly other owners have made more money

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