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First Friday in Grants Pass, Oregon, April 6,2007.

Monday, April 9th, 2007

We arrived down town about 7:30 PM, and the town was alive with people. All ages were enjoying the good weather and festivities. The Easter Bunny (He looks much different than I remember) was even seen strolling around town.
Down town Grants Pass on 1st Friday Several performers were serenading everyone as they talked with friends and viewed the art that was on display in the galleries and shops around town. Many of the shops and restaurants were packed with patrons and lookielooers. It is a great function to start out the month with. As the weather gets warmer the crowds increase which brings out more entertainers and things to see. I highly recommend Grants Pass first Friday as a place to be. (more…)

Biking the Trail from Rogue River to Valley Of the Rogue

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

We had a little time to kill Sunday afternoon so we took our bike up to the bridge at the town of Rogue River. There is a great place to park down by the boat ramp on the south side of the River. The actual trail starts on the North side of the river, and runs along the river for about 3 miles ending at Valley of the Rogue State Park. It was an enjoyable ride; we poked along looking at the river and talking, stopping occasionally to check out the wildlife along the way.

We do need to warn people if they ride this trail… there are quite a few Goathead Stickers in that area. We found out the hard way. Just as we arrive at the Campgrounds near the end of the trail Shirley had a flat. I looked my tires over and discovered there were a couple of the stickers in my front tire also. Rather than mess with them I lined out for the truck at the other end of the trail as hard as I could go. Almost made it all the way back. I’d say I got to within 1/4 mile of the bridge when my rear tire went flat. By the time I got to the truck my front tire was also flat. We weren’t the only ones on the trail to experience this Sunday. There was another couple working on their tires there at the campground where we turned around. So Beware the Goatheads but enjoy. Tomorrow we are in search of Slime or tougher tires to handle this sort of thing. We are learning.

Rogue River Fishing Report for March 16th 2007

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

Here is the word on the street about the fishing on the Rogue River in southern Oregon.
At present I have been busy and haven’t been out there. I will see what I can do about it this weekend. I will give you an update on how things go if I make it out.

They say Steelhead fishing is good from Agness all the way into the upper Rogue. For those of you who don’t know Agness in located about 30 miles up river from Gold Beach on the Oregon Coast. This means there are basically fish in the entire system.

They are actually starting to pick up some Spring Chinook down around tidewater. Seems like it’s a bit early, but hey it’s hard to remember from year to year.

The best idea for success is in the Grants Pass area for the Winter Steelhead. There is a lot of fresh fish in that part of the river and the conditions are looking very good. I would say we’re talking down river from Grants Pass. Reports are coming in about good catches in the Merlin area using eggs, corkies and yarn eggs. Fish are also being caught on worms, but sounds like most of the action is happening with the eggs or simulated eggs. If you do use worms it is suggested you use a greenish colored corkie with it.

Good luck, See you on the River.