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Rogue River, Recreation, and RV Resorts – Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

If you are new to the Rogue Valley or a first time visitor, you may be wondering what is there to do here.? If you like the outdoors …. You have come to the right place! Here’s some ideas you may want to try just to get you started. Once you get out and about you’ll find there are so many options throughout the year and seasons that it is hard to accomplish everything. There just isn’t enough time.

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Grants Pass Grower’s Market and the Artisan & Crafters Market

Monday, June 8th, 2009

GP Market InformationIt is early June and the Grants Pass Saturday Market is in full swing. We headed out early to pick up some fresh foods for the coming week. Large brown eggs (and I mean Large!)  from White Hair Ranch, then it is over to Berry Berry Good Produce for some lettuce and onions.  I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though…… First stop is always Maria’s Tamales for Pork and Spinach Tamales. Wouldn’t be Saturday without them.  After the tamale and stops at our favorite stands

we move on through the rest of the stands to see what else we may want to add to our bounty.

For more pictures andthe rest of the story ….. (more…)

Grants Pass Growers & crafters Market

Friday, May 16th, 2008

p1010002.JPGThe Grants Pass Growers & Crafters Market is a Great event. Sometimes called; Farmers Market and Saturday Market, it is a great way to start the weekend.

Every Saturday Beginning in mid March, and running till Thanks Giving the Growers Market is a must do for the residents and visitors to the Grants Pass area. Every week it Showcases the finest fresh fruits and vegetables growing in the Southern Oregon region, as well as secondary wood products, gourmet specialty foods, artists and crafters. Members attend from Medford, Butte Falls, Winston, Canyonville, Gold Hill, Roseburg and the Illinois Valley.

You really should check it out. When you do you’ll find what a great event it is and well worth returning time and time again. Located at F & 4th street, the hours are 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM.
For Information about Grants Pass Growers Market Call 476-5375

Mt. Ashland Extends Ski Season

Monday, April 14th, 2008


Way to go Southern Oregon Skiers and Snowboarders. According to Kim (Mt. Ashland GM), more than 1900 skiers and snowboarders made their way to the mountain over the weekend. The mountain will be open next weekend for another chance to enjoy the great spring skiing avail this year at Mt. Ashland.

Spring Skiing at Mt. Ashland

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Mt. Mcloughlin This is a picture of Mt. McLoughlin taken from the top of Mt Ashland. On a bluebird day the view doesn’t get much better than this! (more…)

2008 Brookings-Harbor High Booster Club auction, dinner and dance

Monday, January 21st, 2008

The annual Brookings-Harbor High Booster Club auction, dinner and dance p1010001.JPGtook place Saturday, Jan. 19, 2008, at the Brookings Elks Lodge. The theme for the evening was “yippy for hippies”. From the pictures….. I would say everyone had a great time showing their support. We sure did, and we are looking forward to next year. ENJOY!

Trout Underground

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

While prowling around to find an interesting topic to carry on about I ran into an interesting web page that may interest any who pass this way. The Trout Underground. There is some great information. Every now and then I see they mention our own Rogue River here in Southern Oregon. Have a good one and enjoy.
Shirley W/ Rogue River Salmon
Another thing ……………
If you haven’t noticed I would just like to mention the fact that it is still light a 5:00 PM and won’t be long until it is light at 7:00AM. There’s hope!

Fishing the Rogue River for Steelhead

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Living on the Rogue River affords some advantages that many people never get to experience.

Morning fishing: November 6, 2007, It’s another foggy morning In Grants Pass, Oregon. After a cup of coffee with the wife I head out across the back lawn to the staircase that leads to the edge of the Rogue River just below the clam beds riffle. As I approach the edge of the river I see a fish turn and take it as a good sign. A quick look at my watch tells me I have about 30 minutes to fish this morning before I need to head to the office.

I bait up (like to use night crawlers when fishing from the bank), and after about 3 or 4 casts I feel a strike. A quick jerk of the pole and …. Nothing….. Missed it: But I know it was a fish. The bait is half gone. Another cast to the same spot and a couple of seconds later another strike, and this time when I jerk the fish breaks water and the fight is on. The fish makes a couple of runs and jumps several times before I get it close to shore. I grab the net and try to net it but I am unsuccessful and he runs again. The next time I drag it almost out of the water and slide the net up behind it and I have it. A 26” Native female bright as can be. I remove the hook and slip her back in the water to find her way up the river to do what she is there to do. It is time to get to the office and start my day. No fish for dinner tonight but what a way to start the day.

Story Time Theater

Monday, October 15th, 2007

One Eleven Evelyn is a Center for the Arts, In Grants Pass, Oregon. Story Time Theater is held on first Saturday mornings from 10:00 AM to 11:00AM. It is a series of short plays staged by kids, for kids – and it’s FREE to attend. (Audience members must be accompanied by an adult, however.) The young actors of the Story time theater troupe will present interpretations of popular fairy tales such as “The Three Little Pigs“, “anansi”, “Fractured Fairytales”‘ and more, along with singing, dancing and fun. This program is designed with younger audiences in mind. Come early or stay late to browse and borrow from the children’s book library! There is no charge for the play or the library, but donations (money or children’s books) are gratefully accepted. Have Fun!

Haunted House !

Monday, October 15th, 2007

There is going to be a haunted house in Grants Pass this Halloween. It will be staged by One Eleven Evelyn. If you are into ghoulish, creepy crawly and spooky scary surprises this may be for you. There is information on their website or you can call 541-787-2019 for more information.
Have a fun save Halloween!