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If we don't let the 30 million bachelors have women, their lives would have no hope and then they may go around raping, killing, setting off bombs..

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But when people invent a phobia to explain all criticism of Islam it is not that kind of abuse that they have in mind

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“TC brings energy every day, there’s no doubt about that,” Murphy said

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A slew of drugs have flopped at these final clinical trials, by which time drugs companies have typically spent more than $1bn in research and development.

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"We merged the head and the heart," said Everytown president John Feinblatt, who was a top mayoral aide to Bloomberg

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Its mission is to promote health by getting people running, and by getting 50,000 marathoners out to train for three to six months, it is meeting that goal.

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So I didn’t see much of that.”

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Last year they seemed quite keen to preserve the Union

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Even for those in both tribes, tax cuts fail the How Much Test

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“Molecular clock estimates have suggested that Y

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(Reporting by Ben Blanchard and Meng Meng; Editing by DeanYates)

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Washington considers al-Qaeda's Yemen branch to be the most dangerous offshoot of the terror network.

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There are horn flashes and players in perfect posture

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I pick up the keys to my Airbnb from a dude named Kent down in The Loop

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They let you know what you’re role is, what’s expected of you every week and now it’s up to you to go out there and perform it.”

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Here's the thorny part: what Trump is actually worth

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Cubs are often killed by male bears, so this mother is defending the lives of her offspring.

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There had been no weekly reviews of poor performances

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Mayor Barry, who took office in September, said she wants to change that by investing in and revitalizing the neighborhood.

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The remains of all three servicemen were buried together in one casket

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Seeing Playboy and Maxim both distance themselves from nudity could be seen as a virtuous response to how intensely sexualized our culture has gotten

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Then Eli Manning threw one to Victor Cruz and by the time Cruz stopped running it was a 99-yard touchdown play against the Jets.

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Migrants hold up a sign thanking Germany from Syria, at a temporary registration center in the village of Schwarzenborn, northeast of Frankfurt, Germany October 15, 2015

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LaVange, a sophomore, doesn’t miss a beat

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We've still got to pitch to our strengths and our strength is power," Collins said

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The Nasdaq Biotech Index is down 3.5 percent from its Aug

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Volkswagen achieved that goal in the first half of this year, just before the scandal broke out.

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Jeremy Vine and Carol Kirkwood have both been fixtures at the foot of the standings but have escaped the dreaded dance-off thus far, thanks to their popularity with the public

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An election court found the mayor guilty of “corrupt and illegal practices” including vote-rigging, bribery and lying that his Labour opponent was a racist

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Ten people, including two OSU men's basketball players, were killed in a 2001 plane crash while returning from a game in Colorado

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To ensure the firm had sufficient cash to keep operating, they opened entries to their next event immediately.

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The report went on to fault the lead pilot, Chief Warrant Officer George Wayne Griffin Jr., 37, of Hammond, Louisiana, for pushing ahead with the mission even though weather was worsening March 10.

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“It’s hard to know with any degree of certainty where the money went,” he told


Recent data have shown pay growth is strengthening, while bumper retail sales in September also suggest consumer confidence remains robust

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Why would you pay good money to see a concert and watch it all through an iPhone? (Fans) are using their camera as their memory of an event rather than witnessing the event.

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Imus said about political press conferences when he’d listen to another reporter ask another long-winded question.

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The violence has also spread to the border with Gaza.

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"I've worked on the door and it's a question of scale

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In a detailed statement, Netanyahu said Israel recognized "the importance of the Temple Mount to peoples of all three monotheistic faiths..

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a year or less than a year, six months away, at the end of the relationship from starting a family

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About 0.6C (1.0F) of this warming occurred in the last three decades.

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Most executives choose to ignore those signs because it’s easy to do so.

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Real break forward and Denis Cheryshev picks out Marcelo at the back post

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“We still feel really good about this team,” said Herzlich, “regardless of what happened last week

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"I didn't do a single interview last year last year without being high on both."

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“Shoot, I’ve been cussed at by better than them

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