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Vice President Joe Biden delivers opening remarks at the White House Build America Investment Initiative Roundtable in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, October 14, 2015

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Devotees worship the Hindu goddess Durga during the festival, the name of which literally means "nine nights"

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“I didn’t read the comic as a kid,” she says

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Rebels have appealed for more military support from foreign backers, including Saudi Arabia, to confront major Syrian army offensives

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No profanity, vulgarity, racial slurs or personal attacks

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One investigation found that Perez and his vice president were at the heart of the customs scam known as La Linea

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I was on duty one day and apparently a rocket had backfired on a Navy boat, taking the top off an officer's head

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Rodriguez did end up getting approved for a visa, but not because of the crime against her

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If we don't let the 30 million bachelors have women, their lives would have no hope and then they may go around raping, killing, setting off bombs..

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His pass attempts will likely be closer to the 29 he attempted against Tennessee than the 40-plus he attempted in previous games, but those passes have to have an impact

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Crozier’s medical odyssey began Sept

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“I feel so happy for these players and our entire organization,” Jeff Wilpon said on Saturday morning

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"We know how much money you need to make it work," he says.

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Noah Syndergaard has been borderline unhittable, whether you start him or relieve him

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It sits between Nix and Hydra, and beyond the orbits of Styx and the much larger Charon, the dominant moon in the system.

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But marketing professor Towns thinks otherwise

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Moses’ plan to turn Tribeca into a highway will be re-created for a city Department of Records’ exhibit opening Wednesday

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So, as a result, only a few non-Obamacare health issues have received much attention

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Joseph March owns the luggage shop in an entrance off the corridor which gives access to the barber shop

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This comes from our ad serving technology and is used to track how many times you have seen a particular ad on our sites, so that you don't just see one advert but an even spread

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In 2013, it faced questions after several Model S sedans caught fire after road debris damaged their batteries

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For the first time in a long time, things had seemed pretty quiet around the Giants’ offensive linemen

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“Joe has been very innovative and when he got the job in Tampa he started to do some fun things for those guys, and it caught on

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With Clear Food, we're using next-generation genomic technology to analyze the world's foods at a molecular level, ingredient by ingredient

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In this view, the niece who is snatched and abused is self-referential

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“He’s got quick hands with the bat and tremendous power but slow feet behind the plate," was the way one scout put it

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Key programs, according to the de Blasio administration, will continue with private sector partnerships

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"I think there is a general view..

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MoffettNathanson Research estimates quarterly subscriber losses of about 0.1 percent over the past two years.

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There was never a better owner than this because there was never a better man even in bad times

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“Dropping Mario Williams into coverage a lot?” Kelly said

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“I’m sure (Mets fans) are going to be into the game, I’m sure they’re going to be loud

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Several years earlier he had attempted a similar attack on another young woman and had previously been assessed as "a significant risk to others".

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The pope, who is the final arbiter on any change and who has called for a more merciful and inclusive Church, can use the material to write his own document, known as an "apostolic exhortation".

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Shakespeare helped, but Shakespeare was playing to an audience that already knew the tale and wanted to hear it again

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The name of the all winners will be posted only for 30 days after the end of the Entry Period.

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Especially when you spend the entire game fighting what appears to be the same half a dozen clones, all dressed in near identical clothing.

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As he has had to do all season, Collins is trying to balance resting a pitcher, in this case deGrom, and keeping the others, Harvey mostly, on a regular routine to get the best out of them

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Ellis III on Friday dismissedthe suit filed in March over what is often called "upstream"collection because it happens along the so-called backbone ofthe Internet and away from individual users.

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A U.S.-Russia working group will be formed to deal with any implementation issues that arise, he added.

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They described the driver as a black man with a tall, thin build, wearing a beanie cap and armed with a black, long gun

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Huge gold imports were blamed for pushing the country'scurrent account deficit to a record $190 billion in 2013,prompting the government to hike its duty on imports to 10percent, an all-time high

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