Great Mountain Getaway

Recently we spent a wonderful 2 days Skiing right here in Southern Oregon. It all started last summer when we purchased a pair of Rogue Derby Ducks at the Farmers Market in Grants Pass.

Now these weren’t just ordinary ducks …… they were 2 of the 15,000 plus ducks sold to fund projects sponsored by the Grants Pass Rotary Club. The ducks all got dumped off the 7th street bridge for a final destination down by the park at the 6th street bridge, and hopefully into the small collection pen in the center of the river. One of our ducks arrived at the winning destination. Not in time to win the grand prize, but it did bring us a 1 night stay at Calahan’s Lodge located on interstate 5, at the top of the Siskiyou Mountains . It just so happens that Mt. Ashland Ski resort in jut 6 miles on up the road from there.

We picked a mid February date to take advantage of this opportunity and were rewarded with a 30” snowfall leading up to our first day of skiing. It was a bit of a challenge the first day because the runs had not been groomed yet and it was a bit foggy. In the flat light much of the terrain was unrecognizable until you were right on top of it. Talk about a work out! After a full day of skiing we went back down to Calahan’s to enjoy the comforts of the lodge. Once in our room we built a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed some Del Rio Merlot with cheese and crackers and relaxed until diner time. At dinner we sat by the windows and enjoyed the full moon shining on the snow. Back at the room it was time to fire up the hot tub and bubble the aches and cares of the day away. A little Anderson’s Champagne helped to finish off a very pleasant evening.

Next morning the weather made a complete turnaround. Seeing the moon the night before had hinted at the possibility of the weather being good. Actually it was Great! Breakfast at the lodge and the back up to Mt. Ashland where the runs were groomed and the skiing was fabulous. It doen’t get much better than that.

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  1. SkiFriend says:

    Sounds like a fun trip! Too bad Mt. Ashland didn’t open this season.

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