Grants Pass Grower’s Market and the Artisan & Crafters Market

GP Market InformationIt is early June and the Grants Pass Saturday Market is in full swing. We headed out early to pick up some fresh foods for the coming week. Large brown eggs (and I mean Large!)  from White Hair Ranch, then it is over to Berry Berry Good Produce for some lettuce and onions.  I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though…… First stop is always Maria’s Tamales for Pork and Spinach Tamales. Wouldn’t be Saturday without them.  After the tamale and stops at our favorite stands

we move on through the rest of the stands to see what else we may want to add to our bounty.

For more pictures andthe rest of the story …..A couple of weeks ago we picked up most of the plants for our garden,  Besides fresh vegetables, food, and plants, there is always stands selling everything from Outdoor furniture to Stained Glass and even a gentleman selling Plants that Eat Bugs. When you are through checking out the Grower’s Market, it is always fun to meander through the Artisan & Crafter’s Market that is just across the street.


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