River Front Property in Southern Oregon: Important Things to Consider

Many dream about owning a water front home along one of Southern Oregon’s famous rivers. There are several things to consider before purchasing one. For example it is very important before you sign your name on the dotted line that you know the relations ship of the house to the flood plain.

“The Rogue River is Grants Pass’ best known scenic and recreational feature. But heavy rains can turn our normally peaceful river into a raging current that can – and will – reclaim nearby low lands as its own.”

City of Grants Pass: Floods are a part of our past, present and future.

Being informed about such things beforehand is one of the most important parts of the search for that special river property in southern Oregon. Check out the link above, and while you look through the list of river homes on the front page of our website think about what you have learned. I can assist with any further questions you may have.

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