Finding the right River Front Home

Fishing at home is great, catching something and walking back up to the house to add it to the next meal is even better. If it is Birding and wildlife, or just peaceful tranquility that your looking for, a river home can provide it.

White Cedar Lodge on the Rogue RiverRiver View from White Cedar Lodge

Finding the right place that fits your lifestyle requires a bit of thought. One of the big things is figuring out how the location of the house on the property sets in relation to the flood plain. During time of high water it could mean the difference between security and fear of loosing everything. By checking with the county records you can get a quick snapshot of the flood plain for any given property. A few questions ask of the home owner and neighbors of the property can give you an actual account of how the property fairs during a flood.

We live on a high bank part of the Rogue River in Grants Pass, Oregon. It is approximately 40 ft above the river and about 15 feet above the 100 year flood plain in that area. Before we bought the home we talked with many of the old timers around Grants Pass to get a true picture of what that meant. They told us the homes along that part of the river had never been threatened by floodwaters. They also told me it was one of the better areas for fishing along that stretch of the river. How could I not be interested?

We found a home for a client on the Applegate River this summer. There was limited information about the home and property being offered for sale. The owner no longer lived in the area so we were unable to talk directly with him. The county records on line were very vague about the property and exactly where the 100 year flood plane was in relationship to the home (very important situation). We dug into it using the same method we used when purchasing our home. We were able to find favorable information about the home and property, passed it on to our client and they are now happily living at the edge of the river and enjoying all it has to offer. It is quite satisfying to help someone find the home they have dreamed about.

I would like to offer my services to help you find your dream home.  Feel free to contact me for information .
A resent check of the MLS in Southern Oregon brought up 100 active listings with a river front location. Some are inside of a city’s boundaries, others are rural. Some Isolated and private others with neighbors all around. Chances are good that if you are interested in living on a river in Southern Oregon and enjoying the lifestyle that goes along with it, there’s a good chance it’s out there or soon will be.

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