Fishing the Rogue River for Steelhead

Living on the Rogue River affords some advantages that many people never get to experience.

Morning fishing: November 6, 2007, It’s another foggy morning In Grants Pass, Oregon. After a cup of coffee with the wife I head out across the back lawn to the staircase that leads to the edge of the Rogue River just below the clam beds riffle. As I approach the edge of the river I see a fish turn and take it as a good sign. A quick look at my watch tells me I have about 30 minutes to fish this morning before I need to head to the office.

I bait up (like to use night crawlers when fishing from the bank), and after about 3 or 4 casts I feel a strike. A quick jerk of the pole and …. Nothing….. Missed it: But I know it was a fish. The bait is half gone. Another cast to the same spot and a couple of seconds later another strike, and this time when I jerk the fish breaks water and the fight is on. The fish makes a couple of runs and jumps several times before I get it close to shore. I grab the net and try to net it but I am unsuccessful and he runs again. The next time I drag it almost out of the water and slide the net up behind it and I have it. A 26” Native female bright as can be. I remove the hook and slip her back in the water to find her way up the river to do what she is there to do. It is time to get to the office and start my day. No fish for dinner tonight but what a way to start the day.

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